The team

The Traveling Viking, or TTV, is a family run company owned by Jon Thor Benediktsson and his wife Rachel Wilkinson. After several years of working for

The team

The Traveling Viking, or TTV, is a family run company owned by Jon Thor Benediktsson and his wife Rachel Wilkinson.

After several years of working for other tour companies, and driving and guiding tourists, we took the decision to make our dream come true. We founded The Traveling Viking to take people on private guided tours around Iceland, with the main focus on the North East.

Our policy is to offer a more personal service, and flexibility to fulfill every ones wishes. We offer tours to everyone, no matter if you are traveling alone or in a group. No group is too big for TTV, however we do know that the most important costumer is of course YOU.

Our clean and comfortable cars, highly qualified drivers and guides, humor, good spirit and knowledge of the area we travel around, makes TTV one of the best options for you...... 

Why go with the rest when you can travel with the best!

Below is The Traveling Viking Team... 

Jón Žór Benediktsson 

Jon Thor is a highly educated tour guide and driver and has enjoyed traveling around Iceland since childhood. His interest in Super Jeeps and travel in Iceland has given him the experience and knowledge needed to guide people around the island.

  • Job Title: Head guide and manager of The Traveling Viking / Skidarutan ltd.
  • Hobby and Interests: Icelandic and international history, folktales and literature, and tourism and travel. If you need an answer then ask him.
  • Language/s: Icelandic, English and Danish
  • Quote: I am too small for the EU!

Rachel Wilkinson 

Rachel founded TTV with Jon Thor. She was born and raised in Kingston Upon Hull in Yorkshire England. Her and Jon Thor share the enthusiasm to help people explore Iceland, get to know its culture and history whilst enjoying all the beauty it has to offer.

  • Job Title: Booking and marketing manager of The Traveling Viking
  • Hobby and Interests: Traveling, reading, baking and swimming, hiking in natural environments and enjoying quality time with her family.
  • Language/s: English and Icelandic
  • Quote: Keep calm and carry on

Jóhann Stefįnsson - Jói

Johann is one of our drivers. His background in driving is valuable experience to The Traveling Viking.

  • Job Title: Driver for The Traveling Viking
  • Hobby and Interests: Traveling around Iceland
  • Language/s:  Icelandic
  • Quote: Fun is a state of mind!

Lilja Ašalsteinsdóttir

Lilja lived in Beverley, Yorkshire in England for few years. She is an educated tour guide, like all staff at TTV.

  • Job Title: Driver & Guide
  • Hobby and Interests: Traveling around the world, experience new things in life.
  • Language/s:  Icelandic and English
  • Quote: Yes I am optimistic!

Dagnż Hulda Valbergsdóttir

Dagny is an enthusiastic young woman with a great knowledge of Icelandic history, folklore and of course turfhouses. Dagny is an educated ethnologist from the University of Iceland.

  • Job Title: Driver & Guide
  • Hobby and Interests: baking, old Icelandic culture Game of Thrones and outdoor activities.
  • Language/s:  Icelandic, English and German
  • Quote: Don't forget to enjoy the moment!

Stefįn Gunnar Svavarsson - Stebbi

Stefan or Stebbi is one of these guys. With years of experience, enthusiasm for all kind of outdoor activities he sure is a guide that you can rely on. A day with Stebbi is a fun day out! 

  • Job Title: Driver & Guide
  • Hobby and Interests: Traveling, hiking, hunting, fishing, guiding & everything
  • Language/s:  Icelandic and English
  • Quote: There are no problems - just projects!

Evelyn Żr Kuhne

Born and raised in Germany, been in Iceland since 1995. Educated in tourism and management, master degree in cultural science. Living on a horse breeding farm in Skagafjöršur where she runs an equine tourism business with her Icelandic husband. Evelyn is a highly educated tour guide.

  • Job Title: Driver and Guide, 
  • Hobby and Interests: Singing, reading, photographing, smiling, and of course riding.
  • Language/s: German, Icelandic and English
  • Quote: It“s just a question of organisation :)

Sandra Johanna Mark

Sandra is born and raised in Germany and lives now in Akureyri. As well as drive and guide for The Traveling Viking she runs a small Bed & Breakfast. Sandra is high qualified guide with the humor in right place. 

  • Job Title: Driver and Guide, 
  • Hobby and Interests: Travel, motorbikes, reading, Game of Thrones & relaxing in hot tubs :)
  • Language/s: German, Hungarian, Icelandic and English
  • Quote: "Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about!" (Oscar Wilde)

Kristjįn Ęgir Pollżjar Vilhjįlmsson

Kristjįn is from the north of Iceland but currently studying in Sweden. Every summer he come back home for the beauty of nature. Traveling is in his sense a lifestyle with adventures around every corner. "Let me take you out in nature my friend"

  • Job Title: Driver and Guide, 
  • Hobby and Interests: Relaxing, sagas, history, traveling, outdoors activities, art, enjoying life, etc...
  • Language/s: German, Swedish, Icelandic and English
  • Quote: Nature amigo!




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