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  The Traveling Viking Cruise Ship Service! Akureyri Harbour - Our Speciality! The harbour of Akureyri has been voted the second best in the North

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Akureyri Harbour - Our Speciality!
The harbour of Akureyri has been voted the second best in the North Atlantic as the destination for Cruise Ships. Each year more and more passengers arrive to Akureyri sailing on one of these beautiful ships.
With years of experience, qualified guides and great recommendations The Traveling Viking is the first port of call for cruise ship passengers wanting a day tour in the area. We know that you are the most important passenger on your tour, so we do everything possible to suit the tour to your needs. Professional guides, private tours and the option of smaller groups are available for you. We know that time matters when it comes to cruise ship passengers. That is why we have lined up some tour options here from the longest one at the top, to shorter ones below. "Cruise" through the tour options to find what you want or feel free to send us a request for the tour of your own wishes.
All our tours can be booked as private guided tours. For the list of Cruise Ships that arrive in Akureyri 2015 click here


The Amazing Lake Myvatn TTV-02 (6 - 8 hour tour)

A best seller for many years. One of the most spectacular places in Iceland. Much more then just a lake this is an area of outstanding natural beauty. This tour takes you to; Dimmuborgir, a unique area of lava sculptures, Hverir, bubbling mud pits and steaming vents, underground caves at Grjotagja, the explosion crater Vķti and volcano Krafla. Ending the day relaxing in the Myvatn Nature Baths. This tour also takes you to the waterfall Gošafoss.


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Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones tour - Myvatn Mystery & Magic TTV-02 (6 - 8 hour tour)

Join us on a tour to the beautiful and mysterious Lake Myvatn area. A magical place were the latest series of Game of Thrones were filmed. Not only have we taken hundreds of people on this unique tour, but also the crew and producers of Game of Thrones from HBO itself. Beautiful waterfalls, volcano's, unusual lava rock formations, steaming hot springs, bubbling mud pools and mysterious landscape. All this and much more is what you can experience on a tour that ends with a visit to the Myvatn nature baths. Have you seen an Icelandic Troll before? Let our story telling guides tell you all about them. 


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Combo - Gošafoss, Laufįs & Christmas House! (4 hour tour)

Special tour for Cruise Ships passenger, A great combo were you get to see the beautiful nature on the way to one of Iceland most stunning waterfalls, get to know about the culture by visiting an old turfbuild house like the islanders used to live in for centuries. Then another type of culture and fun is a visit to the Magical House of Christmas. A perfect tour for Cruise Ships passengers. 


icelandic horses north of iceland

Horses & Heritage TTV-14 (6 - 8 hour tour)

On this excellent tour we get to know Icelandic culture, humor, heritage and folktales along with the local food. Included in this tour is a visit to an old turf house, an introduction to the unique Icelandic horses, a riding tour and a taste of local food and beer. 


whale watching north iceland

Whale Watching at Hśsavķk TTV-15 (6 - 8 hour tour)

We drive from Akureyri to the whale watching capital Husavik. Before we get on the boat we visit the Whale Museum, then its on the boat for 3 hours. The most common whales spotted on this tour are the Minke whale and the Humpback whale. We end this tour with a visit to Gošafoss waterfall on our way back to Akureyri.


dettifoss north iceland

Dettifoss Waterfall & Myvatn Nature Baths TTV-17 (6 - 8 hour tour)

We head from Akureyri to the waterfall Dettifoss. Dettifoss is believed to be the most powerful fall in Europe and is really something special. After visiting this giant of waterfalls up close, we take you to the Myvatn Nature Baths. Here you can relax in the geothermal waters before taking a look around Lake Myvatn. On the return to Akureyri there is a stop at the beautiful waterfall Gošafoss. 


whale watching north iceland

Whale Watching & Sea Angling in Eyjafjöršur TTV-20 (3 - 5 hour tour)

Take part in an adventure at sea with an unforgettable trip into the world of whales and sea birds on the long and narrow fjord of Eyjaföršur. Enjoy the day watching whales playing in their own environment. The excellent guides describe what you can see and where to look. Then try your hand at sea angling in the clear ocean. 


herring museum north iceland

The Three Tunnel Tour / Siglufjordur TTV-06 (5 hour tour)

In between steep, towering mountains lays the fishing village of Siglufjöršur. To arrive at our destination we have to drive through 3 mountain tunnels, passing dramatic sea cliffs along the way. A visit to the award winning Herring Museum is included on the tour, there we get a glance into local life in the early 20th century.


turfhouse north iceland

Gošafoss & Laufas / TTV03b (3,5 hour tour)

Laufįs is an old turf house, typical of Icelandic farmhouses until the 19th century. It is now open as a heritage museum with a number of artifacts on display, giving you a real idea of life in a turf house. Laufįs is a perfect place to visit if you want to step back in to Icelandic history. The tour then heads to the unique waterfall Gošafoss. 


gošafoss waterfall north of iceland

Gošafoss Waterfall / TTV-03 (2,5 hour tour)

Gošafoss is a very beautiful waterfall in the river Skjalfandi. Its unique bow shape and lava rock surroundings make it one of the most beautiful falls in Iceland. This 2,5 hour tour gives you the chance to explore the falls up close and our guide will tell you everything you need to know about it on the way.


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turfhouse north of iceland

In To The Valley / TTV-05 (3 hour tour)

The area inside of Akureyri is locally known as "in the fjord". With many places of interest and spectacular landscape this area is a great place to visit. Taste some ice cream straight from the farm? Visit the one of a kind Museum of Little Things. Have you heard about the hidden people? We have many stories to tell. 


christmas house north iceland

The Magical House of Christmas TTV-04 (1,5 hour tour)

Enjoy Christmas anytime of the year on this tour. The magical house of Christmas looks like it came straight from the book of fairy tales. A log fire, Christmas songs and the scents of the festive season are in the air. Our guide will tell you everything you want to know about Christmas in Iceland.




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