Iceland is located in the middle of the north atlantic, it is an island a little bit bigger than England, but smaller than Great Britain 103.000 square


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is located in the middle of the north atlantic, it is an island a little bit bigger than England, but smaller than Great Britain 103.000 square kilometers. The island was uninhabited until the 9th century, when it was settled by vikings mainly from Norway. Iceland is a volcanic island with more then 180 volcanic mountains. Eruptions in Iceland are average every 4-5 years,

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Tremors and Earthquakes? Adventurist landscape, lava rocks, strange shaped mountains small tremors. What is going on? In the good old days, people of Iceland had a good theory what it was. Click here to find out.
Boiling water coming from the ground, steam rising up in the air. Geothermal energy is The Green Energy find out more
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Then the weather; the location of Iceland and its name should be enough to scare off most people from coming here, but in actual fact the climate isnt so bad; the Golf Stream bring north the warm ocean all away from Florida just to keep us warm up here. That makes the winter milder and the summers warm. Click here for more

The Icelandic folktales.The Icelanders have been called the storytellers of Europe through out the centuries, and with out a doubt their folktale has saved a big part of the nation history.The Hidden People, respected by the nation, living in rocks and hills. In this landscape, with all the darkness and small tremors, eruption and strange shaped rocks, live the Icelandic Trolls, often so big, sometimes evil, sometimes just lonely, but always clumsy. Gosths as well. Click here for more
In the folktales are many ghost stories or stories of wandering souls in Iceland. One of those stories happend just outside of Akureyri and tell us the story of the Deacon of Myrka; "Once upon a time a deacon who lived at Myrká, in Eyjafjördur was in love with Gudrún. Gudrún lived in a farm on the opposite side of the valley, separated from his house by a river. Shortly before Christmas he rode out to the farm and invited her to join the Christmas festivities at Myrká, promising to arrive on Christmas Eve. It was dangerously icy outside with some parts of the river beginning to thaw. The deacon rode back home over the ice, but it broke under him and he drowned in the river below. The next morning a neighbouring farmer saw the deacon’s horse without a rider and found the body of the deacon on the river bank. He was buried in the churchyard a week before here for the whole story

are just 320.000, 1/3 of them live in the capital Reykjavik. Reykjavik goes back to The Great book of Settlement written in the 12th century and tell us about the settlement in Iceland. The first people who actually came to Iceland to stay where Ingolfur Arnarson and his wife Hallveig Frodadottir who built their house/farm in Reykjavik the year 874. click here for more!

Akureyri is the capital of the north of Iceland. The town might be small 
with only 17.000 residents, but it is the biggest town in Iceland outside the capital area. Akureyri is called the green town, with loads of activities for grown ups, and kids of all age. The botanic garden (from 1912) in Akureyri is famous for its collection of Icelandic flora, click here for more!


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