Ski bus

Akureyri Ski-Bus - Skķšarśtan į Akureyri Start January 18th 2015 at 9 am! The Traveling Viking offers a ski-bus between Akureyri town and the ski area.

Ski bus

Akureyri Ski-Bus - Skíðarútan á Akureyri Start January 18th 2015 at 9 am!

The Traveling Viking offers a ski-bus between Akureyri town and the ski area. There are designated stopping areas around the town and one way or return tickets are avaliable on the bus itself and at the tourist information centre in Hof Culture Center

Tour length:   20 min
Price:   1000 iskr. one way - 1500 iskr. both ways. 50% discount for 6-12 year old
Depart from:   Route around the town of Akureyri click on the map below for further details
Operated:   Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays from January to Mai 
Fridays:   Up to the Ski-resort at 13:00.    From the Ski-Resort at 19:10
Saturdays & Sundays:   Up to the Ski-resort at 09:00 & 12:00. From the Ski-Resort at 13:00 15:00 & 16:10



skibus_hlidarfjall_akureyri_north_IcelandHlidarfjall Akureyri is one of the  best areas in the country to enjoy skiing, snowboarding or to take the younger children sledging. There are ski slopes to suit all abilities and an area for cross-country skiing. Hlidarfjall is a fun filled day out for all the family. Akureyri is a great winter destination for all ages. A trip to the Christmas House will warm your toes after a morning skiing. There are many cafés, bars and resturants where you can enjoy a bite to eat or a drink. For those who wish to ice-skate there is a large indoor skating rink. The new culture centre Hof offers musical events and more. Akureyri is a great place for shopping or browsing. A visit to Akureyri would not be complete without a swim in the goethermal waters of the swimming complex or just to relax in one of the hot tubs.

The route start from the supermarket Samkaup at Hrísalundur (-05 min) and from there a circle of the town with stops at;

  • Bonus Supermarket Naustahverfi (+00 min)
  • Sæluhus - Hotel (+03)
  • The Highschool campus Þórunnarstræti (+05 min)
  • Icelandair Hotel (+07 min)
  • Hotel Kea (+09)
  • Subway in the town centre (+10 min)
  • N1 Hörgarbraut (+15 min)
  • Samkaup supermarket (+20 min)

From there it goes to the ski-area in Hlidarfjall. The minutes are + an whole hour compared to the timetable that you can get here
More information is avaliable at the tourist infomation, hotels in Akureyri and through The Traveling Viking. A link to the schedule is above.

Enjoy your stay.


The Traveling Viking

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